Slime Is Slime

Hello there, I am back and ready to do more experiments. Anyway, Nathanial and I made slime last Sunday. We also tried to make a bouncy-ball too. It ended up in a disaster for the bouncy-ball. We added all these things but they didn’t work. The actual slime did work though. We added a liquid called borax and glue together and made even measurements for both. We poured both of them into a bag a mixed them around for 5 to 10 minutes. It is fun to make slime, just do what I told you to do and then boom you have slime.

Now we still need to do dry ice experiments and other fun ones like redoing the Pop and Mentos one. We need to cut down on the limeane experiment because the video was really long. Our project is coming along really well. Once we were done with the slime we messed around with it a then made some more. I will make more in the future and it will be fun. I plan to do more experiments like make plastic milk. The bouncy-ball thing told us that that will not works so we are coming to a close with slime and on the something like dry ice. Finally something that will be cool and exciting.

I have fun while doing these experiments and so is Nathanial. I am making the movie on my computer. It will be finished at the end of the year. The website that we are making will be finished soon and hopefully on my next post I will type my web address and you will be able to go there. So long, until next time, bye.maxresdefault

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