Raise Your Voice

I think that slaves never got a say in anything at all. I mean duh they’re slaves but I think they should have been treated better. Sure the ones that spoke up probable died then and there. I just say they needed a voice. They never had a chance. From when they were taken from their villages to the farms they worked on. The black society had Martin Luther King Jr. for their speaker but the slaves had 00.0. If one of them stood up they would not have lasted very long because sure I mean you own them that means you have every right to kill them. If they are some on else’s though than you had to pay for the slave. I mean it was not right for them to make them property. It would be like a stranger that talks a different language comes to your home. Takes you away, puts you on a boat and then makes you work for the rest of your life. That does not sound fun yet they had no choice. We had the guns, they had sticks. They can’t say a thing without getting whipped and we can talk all we want. Just one thing to say. Those were dark times. Well we can’t do anything about it except to not make it happen again. They have a right to speak we shouldn’t stop them. They have the right. They should have the right to speak, sing songs, dance, and be with their family. Now this is really all the same thing. It is the main message, slavery should not exist. I mean the idea of slavery is terrible. Making someone work, harvest, and other things for no pay. They get no reward what so ever. The slaves should be free. There should be no slaves in the world. Not ONE.

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  1. Did you know that there is still slavery happening in the world? It doesn’t always look the same way it did then, but it is still a big problem.

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