Slime Is Slime

Hello there, I am back and ready to do more experiments. Anyway, Nathanial and I made slime last Sunday. We also tried to make a bouncy-ball too. It ended up in a disaster for the bouncy-ball. We added all these things but they didn’t work. The actual slime did work though. We added a liquid called borax and glue together and made even measurements for both. We poured both of them into a bag a mixed them around for 5 to 10 minutes. It is fun to make slime, just do what I told you to do and then boom you have slime.

Now we still need to do dry ice experiments and other fun ones like redoing the Pop and Mentos one. We need to cut down on the limeane experiment because the video was really long. Our project is coming along really well. Once we were done with the slime we messed around with it a then made some more. I will make more in the future and it will be fun. I plan to do more experiments like make plastic milk. The bouncy-ball thing told us that that will not works so we are coming to a close with slime and on the something like dry ice. Finally something that will be cool and exciting.

I have fun while doing these experiments and so is Nathanial. I am making the movie on my computer. It will be finished at the end of the year. The website that we are making will be finished soon and hopefully on my next post I will type my web address and you will be able to go there. So long, until next time, bye.maxresdefault

Me The Genius!!!

Hello, again everybody! I found a website that has multiple science experiments and it is called ScienceBob. It is a cool website check it out. Nathanial and I are going to go this Sunday. I have learned that oil is in an orange peel is flammable but not on a lime. I learned that I can get stuff done when I am working on a project. We have faced many obstacles as in the weather and if a potato cannon is clean enough to fire. I learned that the hard way.

Anyway, I plan to redo the Mento pop experiment and the limeane experiment also. We are going to make slime and do things with dry ice. It will be very, very, very fun. I’m looking forward to it and I also need to work on the video that will be our final turnout. I will have a picture of the website. You will be able to find it more easily then. Look for my website I will tell you the URL next week but don’t go looking for it because it won’t be there yet. I need to find more projects to do so I will keep looking at the websites to find what ones I should do.

If you have any recommendations then please comment and suggest experiments. I will be back next week. I will have done more experiments. I am going tho blow this thing right of the water. Experiments here Nathanial and I come. Lets do this!          Screenshot 2016-04-27 at 2.59.29 PM

College Trip To ISU

Iowa State University was great and fun. My favorite part was the food, it was awesome! I was surprised that I had so many food options. I want to go to school there because of the food and they offer Engineering there. I saw lots of old buildings and there was lots of history. I even saw a building that had a restaurant that was completely run by students. They showed us virtual reality things and showed us how they did 3D. The food court was the best. They had ice cream, walking tacos, noodle place, pizza ovens, jello, and cooked meat on pretzel bread with melted cheese on it. Also they had strawberry Banana smoothies. It was amazing! After lunch we went on a charter bus to a bio lab and worked with genes and DNA to solve a crime. After that, the kids in track left and everyone else went home. We left a little late so we got home around 3:45. The charter bus was fun and when ever you hit the seats they sprayed dust everywhere. Charter Buses are so cool because you get to have nice seats. I walked home and then told my parents about the great time I had at Iowa State University.


The Chemist Makes Things Go Boom!

Hello and welcome, my friend Nathaniel and I are going to create a movie. This movie is not going to be about anything. The movie will be about chemistry. Nathaniel and I will do multiple projects. Show what they do and explain why they do what they do. I really like science and it is important to me and I also my mom is a chemist so if I have any questions I can ask her.

Nathaniel thought about doing chemistry projects and I thought about making a movie so we added them together. I always like doing videos and I like to do science experiments. I have a high goal of doing 5-10 experiments. For each experiment we do, the closer we are to reach our goal. The experiments we have right now are do things with Dry Ice, squirt citrus acid on a candle, and pop and Mentos.

There are so many more experiments that we can do like a volcano vinegar and baking soda or turning water to slush on a hot day. We hope that we can reach our goal and create a pleasing video for our class and add in a few commercials too. If you are in my class then wait for movie to come to the classroom. If you are not then look for the commercials on tv to when it will come out in theaters.

For all you science fans out there get ready because we are coming in with a bang. Till next time, Dan.



The Biggest Battle Arena Ever (I guess?)

I have nothing else to write about so I am going to write about MINECRAFTminecraft__140227211000. I was bored during spring breaks so I decided to create a arena so I could watch other people fight each other with me causing ma-hem from above. You start out in a room in the sky that above the arena. There are five holes in the room and 4 chests. 4 holes are for the players to go into, the fifth hole is for me to trigger the start. All players take out chain mail armor, an iron sword, and food. Then, they go in one of the 4 holes and you what. I go down and flip a switch when every one is in their holes. The floors retract and they fall in the in the arena.

               The players fall and land in water and have to get out of a pool. when they get out the find themselves at a pillar and in each direction there’s a new thing. One section is a jungle, another is a swamp, the third is a grassland, and the fourth section is mad up of arenas that you can earn weapons and other equipment or lose everything. The arena is mad up of 100 by 100 squares. There is 16 in total and is cut in sections by either cobblestone or a man made river. Each square save for the arenas has a building of some sort that has a chest that has valuables.

Even if you survive all of the natural terrain you can’t forget that there are other players lose in the arena. Collect weapons, fight of monsters, and go head to head in battle arenas. The one goal in the game is “survive”. The winner gets a piece of diamond armor of their choice and they can play again. Try to get a full set and win it all and become a game maker. That is the ultimate win. I pretty much just made those rules right now. Anyway, you have to remember that I was kind of bored, but I still think I will make it better and make it more of a challenge. See you all later. I am out.


My Blog Since October 2015

I have written 6 blogs since October. I was put in by school I did not know that this blog challenge existed till October. I received 1  comments over this course. My Raise Your Voice post got the most comments because that one was the one my teacher looked at and commented. I enjoined writing my Santorini post the most because it brings back memory. I changed the blog theme about 3-4 times because I wanted to see something new on my blog. I have no widgets on my blog that I know of because frankly I don’t know what they really are. I have no oversea bloggers at my blogroll. I tried to use color and pictures to make my blog more interesting. That is the recap of my blog since October.

Pluto the “dwarf” Planet

Pluto is the smallest planet in the solar system and it orbits around the sun. Sometimes though Uranus passes Pluto and then Uranus is then the farthest then the sun. Pluto also has 5 moons! That is pretty cool. Since Pluto is the farthest from the sun that means it is one of the coolest. Pluto is named after the Greek god of the underworld. Pluto was classified as a planet until the year 2006. Pluto was discovered in February 18, 1930 by the Lowell Observatory. For 76 years since the Lowell Observatory discovered Pluto. It completed about a third of its orbit around the sun.

Pluto is also one third water. Of course though the climate is barely anything is so it cannot contain life. The water is also frozen so I don’t think we can drink ice particles. Pluto is smaller than a number of moons in this solar system. Pluto is about 1,476 miles diameter. One of Pluto’s moons Charon are actually in  a binary system. Which means that they were rotating around each other, although Pluto is bigger it still goes around Charon a little. They planet still has an atmosphere but it is very thin and it is mostly made of oxygen.

They believe that there is frost on Pluto made up of frozen methane, nitrogen, and carbon monoxide. It rotates on its side and the opposite way from Earth like Venus and Neptune. One Earth day is six point four days on Pluto.  Pluto’s surface is still young and its ice mountains are taller than the rocky’s. Pluto’s surface also points out that it is less than 100 million years old. There are so many facts about Pluto that we can discuss. Pluto is the best Dwarf planet there is.

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Left picture by: NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Top picture by: Kimika Ying


Donuts are a delicious food. They are so good they can have glaze, chocolate, vanilla, double chocolate, triple chocolate, triple chocolate with sprinkles. There are so many choices to choose from. Donuts are made from flour, shortening, milk, sugar, salt, water, yeast, eggs or egg whites, and flavorings. Here is the website Anyway donuts are usually in hotel breakfasts and gas stations. I eat them at rare times it is really worth it to eat it. It is pretty much a cake with a whole in it though. Donuts are usually served as breakfast for most people but for me  I will eat it any time of the day. It tastes like chocolate and cake at the same time it is that good. I love donuts they are the best things in the world(Well one of the best foods in the world). Sometimes when we are traveling we go and eat at the gas stations that we pass if we are hungry but that’s not very often so I don’t really get to eat donuts at all. I did eat some in my math class though. I had 3, please don’t tell the others. So here I am loving donuts but I don’t eat them very often. Well at lest I have memory. Picture by: Jack Lyons31952670_2b40276699_o


45240031_a1803cb39a_o photo by VideoVik

My trip to Santorini, Greece was a blast. My family and I went to Greece in the summer of 2015. Right when we left the banks closed. We went to the island in a 8 hour ferry that passed most of the Greek islands there are thousands of them but only about 30 of them are populated because they are the only ones that have water. Santorini has a long history but to sum it up it is a giant volcano. Years ago, like YEARS ago the volcano erupted and caved in and now there’s water bla, bla, bla. Anyway we went there and had a blast. We went to different cities on the island on a shuttle bus provided by our hotel. Our hotel had 3 pools one on top, one in the middle, and a big one on the bottom. The pathways are twisted and thin and the steps are steep. it is very beautiful though. We went on a boat tour around the islands. We had amazing food on the boat. It was a trip I was going to be in my head for awhile.